Sharon 王雪仁,40
(Played by Fann Wong 范文芳饰)
Sharon A highly-opinionated and independent woman. After a broken marriage, Xue Ren has entirely lost faith in man and chooses to remain single.

When an accident causes her to lose her teaching job, Xue Ren decides to live her dream of running her own café.

Xue Ren manages to rope in her two lovable nieces, Xinyi and Tanya, to help her out but still the challenges of running a business can be overwhelming.

Eventually, Xue Ren starts to develop feelings towards Roger, a hunky lorry driver, who also lend his support in the café and helped her out a few sticky situations.

For once, Xue Ren can find a man that she can depend on but will she eventually settle down or will she still choose to live free from any emotional attachments?



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